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When I think of Public Relations, I mostly think of scandals and rumors and creating diversions. I think of Public Relations agents as the face of companies, the representatives of corporations, and the spokespeople of organizations. These agents are the ones that try to create a positive image of the company, brand, or person they are representing.

Public Relations to me is the interaction between people (whether it be a single person or a company) and the rest of the public. Public Relations creates an image of that specific group and portrays it to the rest of the public, regardless of it is a positive or negative image.


When going about the process of determining my major, I never considered Advertising & Public Relations. I had my heart set on Film and Video Productions and that’s what I did for two years. Over the course of those two years I learned many things, the most important thing being that I was completely different from the rest of the peers in my classes. They were film buffs that  had career aspirations of producing the next summer blockbuster. I never wanted that, I just wanted to film weddings. Which thus began my much-too-early mid-life crisis. I knew that I didn’t really need a degree to do that, I already opened up my wedding cinematography business, Sunshine Studios, and had filmed two weddings with wonderful feedback, teaching me more than I would ever learn in a classroom.

So, I went back to my building blocks and asked myself, “What do I love to do?” For one, I love people. Although everyone has their days where they don’t want to be around people, I need to work in a job where I am around others that inspire and encourage me. Another aspect about myself is that I love magazines and tv shows and fashion companies and the brand that each of my favorites have created for themselves. So I needed to choose something that combined those things, and that let me to Advertising and Public Relations. There are so many opportunities within this major that although I don’t know exactly where I see myself now, I know that I will find my niché.


What I expect to take from this class is a basic knowledge of the PR world and what it entails. I hope to help narrow down what areas I desire to work in and what is expected of that position in the field. As of right now, I’m quite sure that I want to work for a large company involved in entertainment or fashion and possibly be on the commercial/advertising side of things, morphing together my love of film and communications. I know 100% that I will live in a large city, most likely New York City for a large portion of my life, and I cannot wait for that day to come. In general, I just want to gain as much knowledge as I can. Given that this is my first solely Public Relations class, I am very naive on what the life of a PR rep entails and maybe that is the direction I want to go in my life, I just want to learn more.


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