Let’s Wrap It Up.

Going back to my initial blog post, “You’re here. And I’m here. Let’s Chat.” my knowledge of Public Relations as a whole has grown and changed as the year has gone on. The main things that have altered or changed or I learned this year can be broken down into three categories:

1. Public Relations Representatives do more than just help during crises. PR Reps are needed all year round. They’re not only needed when something goes wrong, but they are also used as a preventative measure to make sure that nothing goes wrong. They look into reasons why customers react the way they do and how the company can change their reactions to things. A PR team is needed for decisions on a daily basis. They make decisions regarding social media posts and advertising tactics, only to name a few.

2. There is so much research that goes into working in PR. There is a reason for everything that a PR Rep suggests. And every tactic or strategy that is suggested requires countless hours of research behind every one. Without reasoning for the strategies that a team produces or suggests, why would the client believe them without any evidence that this tactic will work? There are countless centers for research that have a plethora of information available about so many different areas of study that just need to be accessed by the PR rep and implemented into a PR plan. Before this class, I had no idea that the research behind everything was done by the public relations team. I figured they used an outside firm or had a separate team devoted to that.

3. I do not want to work in Public Relations. As much as I enjoyed this class and learned an incredible amount, I almost despise research and do not want to do that for the rest of my life. I’m much too creative and visual of a person to limit myself to researching rather than utilizing my creativity into more helpful and stimulating ways. In addition, I feel as if the tactics and strategies I come up with aren’t new and cutting edge things, so I would just be creating average, subpar work. And I’m not one to be happy with settling for something.


In my first post, my main goal for the course was to learn about Public Relations. To gain more of an insight on what a typical job looks like, what goes into that job, and if I saw myself in that position. And as I’m writing this on the last day of class for the semester, I definitely did learn that. I can truly appreciate the people and time and energy that goes into working for Public Relations, but know that that will not be me. At least for right now. Maybe in a few years I’ll suddenly love researching, or a tool might be invented that makes researching much more fun that will change my mind, but until that day comes, I think I’ll turn my efforts more towards Advertising.


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