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Cook Carillon Tower was built in 1994 and serves as a symbol of Grand Valley’s campus because of its 10 story height. The carillon chimes every quarter hour by a computer operated system and can also be played by a carillonneur in the playing chamber.  



Edited Transitional Link
The Transitional Link serves as a GVSU icon because of the superstitions behind it. Legend has it that if you walk through the link the wrong way(finished to unfinished end) during Finals Week you’ll fail, so to be safe, everyone on campus just walks around it all year long!
Ex Nihilo, Figure No. 8. This statue is located in the entryway of the new Mary Idema Pew Library. This has become an icon on GV’s campus recently because it’s the first thing you see when you walk in the library door and because no one really knows what it is.
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GVSU’s Fountain has been an icon on campus for a long time! Its a popular spot for graduation pictures, perfect place to rest in between classes, and often a place where people try to get in the fountain when it’s full. 

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Hadouken Meme
Quidditching Meme


Vadering Meme



RIP Wrecking Ball

Oh the GVSU Wrecking Ball, or more formally known as The Foucault Pendulum. Created originally as just a piece of artwork, Miley Cyrus changed Grand Valley’s campus and put us on the map after a certain music video of hers had her swinging on a pendulum almost identical to ours, naked. And so, our student body decided to recreate the infamous video, which ended up on platforms like Huffington Post, Fox News, Business Insider, MLive, BuzzFeed, Daily Mail in the UK, and Perez This piece speaks to me specifically because it reminds me of simpler times in the world. Where pictures like this

This picture was taken on September 5 2013, 4 days before Miley Cyrus’s video came out. 

can be posted without repercussions.

Internet Research:

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Source: GVSU Foundation 2014 Annual Report on Giving at GVSU

In the GVSU Foundation 2014 Annual Report on Giving at GVSU, the giving infographic is located on pages 18 and 19. The most interesting piece I found in this infographic was the difference in giving over the past 10 years. 2014 was the 5th lowest (and highest) donations receiving year. It also caused me to think of what was occurring during 2008 and 2010 that would give a reason for why so much money was donated.


One of my favorite meme’s is the Willy Wonka meme. Maybe it’s the sarcastic nature in me or the look on his face, but it never fails to make me laugh. I’m very much so a person that will listen to someone regardless of if I care or not, so I constantly am smiling and looking like I’m listening to a person when I realistically do not care nor am I listening intensely. I think memes are particularly important to the Internet and social culture in general because they serve as landmarks in time. One can look back and find an old meme and remember when that meme was popular and connect it to their own personal memories from that time period. Internet fad and trends change so quickly these days and by having memes it allows people to see how the trends have changed over the years.


And that’s a wrap from me! Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I had fun making it!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

-Rachel Berzins

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